Thiếu Đoàn – Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

To Baden Powell, 11 to 14 are important ages in youth life! During these ages,the youths are in strong development physically & mentally, highly active and easily adaptive in good environment. Thus, these youths would learn much more, participate in more activities and have the most memories in youth life.

Founded on July 23rd 1985, LDCL Thiếu (Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts) is main Youth Force in our Scout Organization. Currently our Thiếu Đoàn consists of one Girl Scout (Nữ Thiếu Đoàn) “Như Nguyệt” and two Boy Scout (Nam Thiếu Đoàn) “Hàm Tử” & “Chương Dương”.

The main goals for LDCL Thiếu Đoàn are Educating (Teach, Test & Award) in accordance with Advancment Programs set by Boy & Girl Scouts of America (BSA & GSUSA); at the same time Maintaining the Vietnamese Scout Principles and Reserving the Vietnamese Traditions & Cultures.

LDCL Advancement Programs tailor to BSA & GSUSA Advancement Programs with some inclusion of Vietnamese Scouting and Vietnamese Culture.

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