Kha Thanh Đoàn – Varsity Scouting

Continued from Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts (Thieu) from 14-17 years old, Varsity Scouts and Girl Scout Seniors (Kha Thanh) are experienced Scouts with a strong foundation of scouting ideals.

LDCL Varsity Scouts are organized into patrols of similar age groups, with an emphasis on Patrol Method focusing on leadership skills, confidence building, teamwork and personal growth. They are trained and mentored to be future leaders their schools, families, and in scouting.

Advancement for Varsity is typically the the last stages in reaching the highest award of Boy Scouting (Eagle Scout) or the highest award in Girl Scouts (Gold Award). LDCL tailors these advancement programs with the inclusion of Vietnamese Scouting principles, ideals and culture.

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