Tráng Đoàn & Trưởng – Leaders and Rovers

Based on Baden Powell’s 1922 “Rovering to Success” book and his 1918 England program for older scouts, the US Rover Scout program started in New-England in 1929, intended as a service & leadership program for the oldest boys (ie older youth/young adults), by Robert S Hales with his “Once a Scout, Always a Scout” Rover Guidebook. Rover Scouts or ‘grownup scouting’ are the most senior of all Senior Scout programs. At the age of 17, LDCL Venturers (Kha-Thanh sinh) start as apprentice Rover Scouts (Tráng sinh) in our Tráng Đoàn (or Rover Crew) and become full member at 18.

For those Tráng sinh who stay active with LD Scouting, they will be trained by Senior Leaders (Trưởng LD) through LDCL Leader Training Program (so-called Khóa Huấn Luyện “Lam Sơn”). They are mainly in for Services including serving as Leader Assistants for Cub-Scout (Ấu Đoàn), Boy-Scout (Thiếu Đoàn) or Venturer (Kha-Thanh Đoàn) Leaders and for Leaderships including Camp Staffs & LD Scouting Special Projects (or “Quest”). All Trang sinh are under assignments by LD Senior Leaders or reported to Ngành (Ấu/Thiếu/Kha-Thanh) Leaders and continue their services. At 25 (the age of Scout Adult Leader), if they had passed the “Lam Sơn” Leader Training and got LD Leader Council (Hội Đồng Trưởng Liên Đoàn) approval, LD would have Trang sinh (Rover Scout) sworn-in as Trưởng (Leader) for their continuing Scout Life of Services & Leadership!

One unique characteristic for HĐVN Rover Scouts (Trang sinh) and Leaders (Truong) is their “Tên Rừng” (Name of an Animal plus a Good Character that closely representing the individual Rover Scout / Leader).

LDCL “Tên Rừng” 

Rừng Chi Lăng 

BSA Rover Achievement Awards Program:

The following achievement awards are available to Rovers (Tráng sinh) to pursue, if have not achieved, and complete before 21st Birthday.

Venturing Bronze Awards (First Advancement Tier) for those who are interested in more new experiences, there are five available Bronze Awards – Art & Hobbies, Outdoor, Sea Scouts, Sport and Religious Life – each can be achieved individually:

Venturing Gold Award (Second Advancement Tier) for those interested in developing & achieving personal goals in the areas of leadership, character development & personal fitness:

Venturing Silver Award (Highest Advancement Award) for “Learn, Grow & Serve” personal development. (Must firstly achieve one Bronze Award plus Gold Award.):

Venturing Ranger Award for those who achieve high level of outdoor/high-adventure skills (Venturing Outdoor emphasis):

Quest Award for Venturing Sport emphasis:

TRUST Award for Venturing Religious-Life emphasis:

Any Chi Lang Tráng sinh who is active in Exploring, Sporting, Outdoor, or Servicing in his/her Religion should put additional efforts to achieve these proudly awards before his/her 21st birthday.