Eagle Scout Rank

The Eagle Scout Rank is the highest achievement for a Boy Scout.  BSA Eagle Scout started in 1912 and just reached 100-year anniversary in 2012.  Statistically, only about 5% of boy scouts achieved this rank.  Among notable Eagle Scouts are Neil Armstrong (first man on the moon), Gerald R. Ford (US 38th President), Bill Gates Sr. (CEO of Bill & Melinda Foundation, father of Bill Gates), Stephen Breyer (US Supreme Court associate justice), Willie Banks (Olympic athlete, former world-record holder in triple jump & long jump), Michael Kahn (Academy Award–winning film editor), many US State Senators.

Lien Doan Chi Lang started implementing the Eagle Scout Trail in 1988 with first Eagle Scout in 1990.  Celebrating 100-year Eagle Scout Anniversary, LD had reached 51th Eagle Scout as of November 2012.

Scouts must complete all requirements in Leadership, Service and Outdoor Skills by advancements through each Rank of Scout, tenderfoot, Second-Class, First-Class, Star, Life and Eagle-Scout, together with mastering scout skills and enriching skills and multiple-subject knowledge through many Merit Badges such as Citizenships in the Community, the Nation and the World, Environmental Science, Communication, Personal Management, Family Life (so-called “Mind-Character Building”), as well as Personal Fitness, First-Aids, Emergency Preparedness, Camping, Swimming (so-called “Physical-Character Building”).  Through these advancements, scouts will have opportunities to Learn, Test, Review and Award at each Rank.  From Star to Life to Eagle-Scout Rank, scouts have to demonstrate furthermore his roles and responsibilities in Service and Leadership within Lien Doan.

“Once an Eagle Scout always an Eagle Scout” Eagle-Scout Motto reminds the recipients that the goal for Eagle Scout is not for short-term personal gain but for long-term contribution to society.  Commitment to community services and genuine consideration toward others are quite essential attributes for an Eagle Scout.  Only a true Eagle Scout will embody these qualities throughout his life.

 To earn the rank, before reaching 18th Birthday, a Boy Scout must complete the requirements below.

1.  Advance through the 6 ranks in the following order:

  • Khóa 1 – Scout (Mang Khăn)  
  • Khóa 2 – Tenderfoot (Tuyên Hứa)
  • Khóa 3 – Second Class (Hạng Nhì)
  • Khóa 4 – First Class (Hạng Nhất)  
  • Khóa 5 – Star (Bắc Đẩu)  
  • Khóa 6 – Life (Hiệp Sĩ) 
  • Eagle (Đại Bàng)

2.  Earn 21 merit badges, including the following required 12 badges:

  • First Aid
  • Citizenship in the Community
  • Citizenship in the Nation
  • Citizenship in the World
  • Communications
  • Environmental Science
  • Personal Fitness
  • Camping
  • Family Life
  • Personal Management
  • Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving
  • Cycling, Hiking, or Swimming

3.  Serve six months in a troop leadership position.
4.  Plan, develop, and give leadership to a service project for any religious organization or any school or community.
5.  Take part in a Scoutmaster conference.
6.  Successfully complete an Eagle Scout board of review – after achieved Life Rank and 6 months of Leadership Service in the Troop.


Boy Scout Merit Badges [click here]

  • Merit Badge Days organized by BSA Troops within Orange County [click here for schedule]


*** Scouts – Please contact Trưởng Kevin Hoàng (LD Eagle-Scout Advancement Chairman) for more details on LDCL Eagle-Scout Rank Advancement.

*** Parents – Please contact Parent Huy Cao (LD Eagle-Scout Parent Advisor) for more details on LDCL Eagle-Scout Rank Advancement.

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