LDCL By Laws

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By-Laws of Liên Đoàn Chi Lăng Association

The principle office of the Association shall be established and maintained at 9386 Lily Ave. in the City of Fountain Valley, County of Orange, State of California. The association may also have offices in such places within the County of Orange, State of California as the representing committee may from time to time establish.

1. MEMBERSHIP. All the parents, whose children are the members of the Boy Scouts Pack 279, Boy Scout Troop 279, Boy Scouts Explorer Post 279, and the Girl Scouts Troop 1279, are eligible to join Lien Doan Chi Lang Association (LDCLA).
2. MEETINGS. There shall be a monthly meeting for all the members of the Association. The monthly meeting shall be held on the Sunday of the first week of the month or at such other time and place designated by the representing committee. In addition, special meetings shall be called, when necessary, by the representing committee.
3. PLACE. Meetings of the members shall be held at Windsor Park, City of Santa Ana, or at such other place as may be designated by the representing committee.
4. VOTE. Every member of the LIEN DOAN CHI LANG ASSOCIATION is entitled to vote at the meeting, or to express consent or dissent over the issues discussed.

1. REPRESENTING COMMITTEE. The activities of the Association shall be managed and exercised by a committee elected by all members at the monthly meeting. The committee consists of a head, a treasurer, and 3 assistants.
2. ELECTION AND TERMS. All members of the Association shall vote to elect 5 members as their deputies to the committee representing for them. Those 5 deputies shall select among themselves a person to act as head of the committee, a person as the treasurer, and 3 persons as assistants. The committee has a one-year term.
3. COMPENSATION. No compensation shall be paid to members of the representing committee. These members serve the Association voluntarily.

Whenever a conflict arises between the language of these By-Laws and the Certificate of Incorporation, the Certificate of Incorporation shall govern.

These By-Laws may be altered or repealed, and By-Laws may be made at any monthly meeting of the members of the Association or at any special meeting thereof if notice of the proposed alteration or repeal to be made be contained in the notice of such special meeting, by the affirmative vote of a majority of the members.